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ADHD Skills Group for Adults

Evidence-based behavioural strategies for managing ADHD may benefit those who are also being treated with medication OR be used as a standalone support for those unsuited to medication. 


The Harbour Clinic is offering an ADHD Skills Group for Adults commencing 6.30pm (AEST) Wed 12th Jul 2023.


  • 6 x 90 min sessions over 6 weeks

  • Commencing 6.30pm (AEST) Wed 12th Jul 2023

  • Meeting remotely via Zoom

  • Facilitated by skills trainer Brianna Lee

  • Total cost $275

  • Covering a range of skills relevant for ADHD including the below

ADHD Experience and Perceptions

What does ADHD mean to me?


What strengths and difficulties come with my ADHD?

Emotion Regulation

How can I manage difficult emotions that cause problems for me?


How can I implement lifestyle choices to help manage my ADHD?

Commanding Your Attention

How can I increase my ability to focus?


How can I improve my relationships?

Moving Forward

How can I continue to manage ADHD over my life?

Sticking to Goals

How can I set and achieve goals?

Impulse Control

How can I increase my ability to refrain from acting on impulses?

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